6 Ways Epoxy Coated Concrete Floors Can Change Your Life


The look of boring, grey concrete flooring has gone the way of the mullet haircut, the Edsel car, red walls, and the lime green carpeting. You no longer need to live with a dusty, chipped and dented, eyesore floor in your commercial building or home garage. Instead, you can choose epoxy flooring to brighten the area and make it look new again. Ask yourself, “Are there epoxy contractors near me?”, and begin the process of having a new floor. Here are six reasons to use epoxy on your concrete floors.

Cleaning Is a Breeze

Cleaning an epoxy floor can be a breeze. Since the dust and particles of cement are sealed under the coating, you can simply use a broom, vacuum, or mop to remove almost any spill from the floor. You might be surprised to learn that even germs and bacteria will not adhere to the surface of the epoxy – making it a safer area to work or play in.

Beautifies the Area

A wide range of colors and textures allows you to choose an elegant look, a country appeal, or many other designs to fit your lifestyle. With the addition of quartz or mica chips, you can also add a texture that improves the sparkle and traction of the flooring. Choose a color that helps you enjoy the time you spend in the room.

Protects the Floor’s Surface

An epoxy finish can fortify the floor’s surface and make it resistant to almost everything. In fact, high traffic, the weight of an automobile, chemicals, dents, and even oil spills won’t damage the tough durability of your new floor’s surface. You no longer have to worry about dents, chips, or cement dust.

Lasts a Long Time

Epoxy floors are known for their durability and long life. Because of the chemical combination of the resin, it is resistant to water, heat, and almost everything else. Your floor can stay beautiful for many years to come, and that saves you money.

Environmentally Friendly Solution

The covering is a resin, but it does not require replacing for many years. Resources are saved, fewer items end up in the landfill, and you have an attractive floor that is a green option.

Having a cement surface covered with epoxy can be a smart decision. Not only can seeing the colors brighten your day, but it can also save you money while still being an eco-friendly system. It makes sense to choose epoxy flooring products on your garage or commercial building’s floor.

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