Is it Time to Replace Your Windows?


If your windows are draughty and inefficient, you may be wondering whether it’s time to replace them. Windows can last for decades, but they can deteriorate over time, so it’s important to know when they need replacing.

Know the signs of old windows

Windows show a number of signs when they need replacing:

  • Feeling cold to the touch on the inside
  • Having condensation build-up overnight
  • Damp frames and walls
  • They are no longer as good at soundproofing
  • Your energy bills are getting higher

These can all be signs that your windows need repairing or could do with replacing. Most people notice one or more of these signs indicating that new windows may be a good idea.

Double glazing offers more protection

If your windows are single glazed, or an old style of double glazing, then it’s likely to be time to replace them. It’s worth getting a quote for double glazed windows in Belvedere to find out how much replacements will cost. While it can be an investment, you’ll instantly notice how much difference double glazing makes, and you’re likely to get a pleasant surprise when you get it installed.

While many windows come with a guarantee of a certain number of years, over time, performance can vary. If your windows are no longer keeping your home cosy in the winter and cool in the summer, it may be time to look for newer windows. The newest innovations in double glazing mean it’s much more efficient and can help save you money on your energy bills for many years to come.

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