5 Ways to Minimize Allergies at Home


Few things are as aggravating as how you feel during allergy season. The sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes make you feel hideous, and there’s little you can do about it. Medications only mask the symptoms and many have side effects that make you feel drowsy or worse than the allergies themselves. The good news is there are practical steps you can take to lessen allergies at their source.

Improve the Air Quality Inside Your Home

Chances are you spend more time at your residence than anywhere else. It only seems logical to look into purifying the air quality of your home. Installing an air conditioning system or tuning up the one you have can greatly improve the air you’re breathing. Putting a Riverview FL heating and cooling unit into place can reduce allergens and dry out the interior of your home making it less hospitable for mold spores. Fresh, cool air will make an immediate difference.

Check Your Diet

Did you know it’s possible you could be ingesting food you are allergic to? Some fruits can provoke a reaction similar to a pollen allergy. Keep a record of what you eat and when symptoms occur.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

While staying hydrated in itself won’t cure an allergy, it can sure make them more bearable. Becoming dehydrated isn’t good for anything and it can make your allergies feel much worse. Drinking the right amount of fluids can also ease sinus pressure and congestion.

Get Back to Nature

While nature outside may be the last thing you can handle, getting back to more natural products inside can provide much-needed relief. Nix the perfumed detergents and soaps for a more natural and odor-free formula. Steer clear of heavily scented creams and make-up, opting instead for well-known, hypoallergenic products.

See an Allergy Specialist

When it comes to allergies, it’s always good to get a professional opinion. Not only can tests pinpoint your precise allergy, but they may reveal other allergies you may not have suspected. Knowing exactly the root of what’s causing the problem is best so it can be eliminated from your surroundings.

Making Positive Changes

Minimizing the symptoms of your allergies may take some guesswork and some hit and miss before nailing down the cause. However, making changes such as checking your air quality, refining your diet and eliminating unneeded perfumes and dyes will only serve to benefit you in the long run.

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