Opt for a Fresh Start with a Knock Down Rebuild Home


Are you tired of your current home? Have you outgrown the property and need something more suitable? If you want to change your humble abode, you have three solutions – renovate, sell & buy a new home, or build in another location. If you do not fancy any of those three, there is one more option – knock down rebuild. Knocking down your old property and rebuilding on the same plot of land has many advantages.

Cost Effective

One of the main reasons why many homeowners are opting for a knock down rebuild in Canberra is because they save money on cost. It generally works out as a smarter move financially, especially when you compare it to selling up and moving home. Some renovations tend to get expensive as the builder must mess rectify the existing building and add new features. It is less expensive and less time consuming to knock it down and start on a blank canvas.

Less Uncertainty

Did you know that a knock down rebuild project has less uncertainty in comparison to a home renovation? Although many of us love surprises, we tend not to like them when they come in the middle of a home renovation project. When renovating your property, the contractor can often run into many unforeseen problems, some of which include:

  • Leaky pipes
  • Discovery of asbestos
  • Dangerous electrical wiring

When the builder is starting from scratch, they are working off a blank canvass that does not hold any secrets.

No Need to Relocate

If you have found a great neighbourhood and you have many friends in the community, you will not want to move just because your house has become inadequate. A knock down rebuild gives you the option of transforming your home without having to relocate to do so.

Clean Slate

While remodelling requires work around an existing structure, a knock down rebuild allows you to start from scratch. You have a blank canvas to explore new designs and add or subtract features. You can create the perfect home for you and your family when you choose a knock down rebuild.

If you are considering selling your home because it does not meet your current requirements, think about a knock down rebuild before you do anything. You can stay in the same location and build a new property from scratch. It gives you the opportunity to transform your living space without having to move out of the neighbourhood.