Don’t Let Mobility Problems Get You Down


If you have arthritis or other medical problems that now make it difficult to go up and down your stairs, don’t think that your only solution is to purchase a home that has no stairs in it. After all, that is a costly solution that few people are willing to do. On the other hand, buying or renting a stairlift will help you get up and down those stairs effortlessly, and you can buy them either new or refurbished.

Extra Perks That Mean a Lot

The companies that provide new stairlifts in Stafford offer perks such as:

  • Remote controls for ease of use
  • Short- or long-term rentals
  • Stairlifts of all designs and sizes
  • Personalised solutions to suit your needs
  • Free consultation and quotes

You also get a swivel seat that makes it super-easy to get on and off your stairlift, so regardless of how immobile you are, these chairs are always very simple to use.

A Consultation Is Your First Step

An initial consultation is always free, and the companies that provide stairlifts will answer your questions, take exact measurements, and most importantly, help you decide which stairlift is right for you. After all, with so many possibilities, it may be a little confusing to you at first, but they can help you determine what will work best in your home. Better still, these stairlifts can accommodate people up to 25 stone (350 lbs.), which means you will be comfortable each time you use yours. They even provide extras such as electric charging supplies that match your power outlet so that the setup isn’t an eyesore.

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