Things that you need to think about when buying screen door closers


Using a storm door or screen door to your patio is perfect. It is because it keeps the mosquitoes, flies, and bugs away from entering your house while it gives you fresh air. It also keeps your house in a cool condition and keeps the air circulating. But when a screen door is tossed by a strong wind it can cut your fingers. The screen door will avoid this kind of problem as it controls the swinging of the door and slowly closes it. An amazing screen door prevents strong wind from slamming the door so you will be safe from any impact. There are also products that control the swinging motion of the door which closes quietly.

To buy the best screen door you have to consider its size, type, door weight or click here to know more. You also need to think about whether a parallel-arm, surface-mount, or standard screen door closer can be the best for your patio. These factors below might help you to look for the best screen door for your house.

Closer type

There are four types of screen door closers which are located to the frame and door also the place of the spring box. These types are the parallel-arm, top-jamb, standard, and surface-mount.

Parallel-arm screen door closers are not durable compared to top-jamb or standard closers. Although it is mostly used in schools and commercial buildings. Its spring box is installed on the push side and the arm is installed on the side aligned with the door. The other arm is installed on the back to connect to the bottom of the doorframe. This happens when the door opens the first arm will stay while the other will control the closing movement of the door.

Top-jamb screen door closers are being used in commercial and industrial buildings. As it has strong arms and a spring box. The spring box is installed on the top of the doorframe on the push side of the door. The first arm will stretch the spring box that is attached to the second arm that is linked to the door.

Standard screen door closers have spring boxes that are installed on the pull section of the door. The first arm is stretching from the spring box. It is connected to the second long arm that secures the doorframe. This kind of style is seen in commercial buildings.

Surface-mount screen door closers are used in residential areas. The mounting brackets are installed on the inside of the door frame. The arms are connected to the push side of the door. The reason why the arms are quiet and slow is that the arms are going through a hydraulic tube. This consumes the energy to properly close it.

The door type

It is important that you decide which screen door you’re going to use before you decide on which door you need to have. The size, weight, and height are necessary so you can choose which closer is better for your screen door. Aside from the layout, the doors must open from left or right. The screen door closer needs to know the door’s layout. So whenever you have to pull the door it won’t have a hard time swinging naturally. It should be fit on the doorframe and door because it holds the weight. When you won’t consider these things the door will eventually break. When it is for commercial use, try to use a top-jamb or standard because they can handle the door’s weight.

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