What to Consider Before Building Your Dream Bathroom


A bathroom is your ultimate space of privacy, and building it requires a lot of care and attention. You don’t want to build the whole thing and find out it’s not all as great as you hoped it would be and be upset by its inadequacy each time you’re in there. In addition to that, you also don’t want to purchase the wrong fittings because you weren’t aware of what to consider. So, here’s a guide to bathroom fittings that will serve you well no matter if you buy from companies like Mimi Coco or any other brand for that matter.


First things first, the most frequently used part in a bathroom after the toilet, the sink. There are various types of basins but the two you must’ve seen most frequently is the countertop version which sits on a shelf like support and the wall-mounted rendition, which is as you can tell from the name, mounted on a wall. The choice is largely personal in what to go for however the factors that affect it are easy to understand, countertop basins provide a stylish look and add to the over al aesthetic quality of your bathroom while wall-mounted bathroom sink is a space saver and do great in bathrooms with a lesser area to spare.

Shower Mixer

We are all well aware of that struggle of getting just the right degrees of twist on the mixer to get a perfect mix between hot and cold water to ensure for a comfortable shower and since you’re going to be doing that often the shower mixer is another component that should be carefully selected. The shower should have fittings that make the delicate process of mixing the water easy and convenient. Shower can be of two types, one where the pipes are hidden behind a wall and the other where the pipes are visible. There are no disadvantages to either except that the former is more aesthetically pleasing.


While most people think selecting a toilet might be as simple as picking a color and checking the price on it, it really isn’t the case. The first thing you want to consider is that toilets come in various shapes and sizes and this decision should be left up to the person who will be using it most frequently. Another thing people rarely consider is the water consumption of the toilet. It might be a lot more than you would previously have thought. And the last but most definitely not the least thing that is to be considered when purchasing a toilet is the trap. For this, you need to understand whether your bathroom supports an S bend or a P bend. Both provide very different functionality for your sewage and must be carefully considered before purchasing the toilet.


A highly overlooked part of most bathrooms is the storage space. It’s usually established in the form of shelves or just utilizing the countertops, but the plethora of product displayed there will diminish the entire aesthetic quality you were going for in the first place. A wise move is to establish a closet underneath the countertop or maybe just a wall-mounted on as to keep your bathroom organized and not sacrificing any aesthetic quality.

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