Tips for Maintenance of Wood Fence


Wood fences always look beautiful and give the yard warmth and comfort. They are a great way to protect you from curious come-and-go people, intrusive noise, and dust from the street. In general, people use wood as a number one material for decorating their yards and houses.

Natural materials, such as wood, can look pretty nice but are so complicated for keeping. Wood is sensitive to external factors, and appropriate maintenance is a must if you want to keep your fencing decorative and functional. If you do that wrong, the fence will be ruined. Regardless of the quality of the wood fencing, the influence of weather conditions is noticeable after some time.

Make your fence strong, so you don’t have to worry after every storm or quake:

Protect Wood from Weather Conditions

Atmospheric conditions are damaging the wood, so you have to protect your fence, applying protective coatings from time to time. The wood is drying under the sunlight; the surface of your fencing can patinate and change the color.

High humidity is a problem too. It makes the wood swallow, and then it shrinks at high temperatures. This leads to cracking, but also to the appearance of mold. Natural micro-cracks will expand so the dirt will come in and destroy the stalls or panels inside.

Apply Protection

If you want an attractive and durable wood fence, take care of it regularly. Maintain it with proper agents so it can preserve its natural color. The easiest way is to apply a colorless protective coating. If you use color coatings, be careful about the nuance, but also the composition of the actual color of the wood; they should be compatible. Protect the metal parts with anti-corrosive agents before applying the paint. Make sure to do all the maintenance in summer, when the wood is dry.

Use Eco-Friendly Products

Wood experts recommend linseed oil with additives to protect your fence. Excellent results give agents based on wax, which are used for extreme temperature conditions. Such coatings do not contain solvents, which makes them an utterly eco-friendly product. Modified natural waxes penetrate deep into the wood and create a layer that is resistant to dirt and water, without preventing the wood to ‘breathe.’

Fix Damages on Time

House owners should check the wood fencing frequently, just to check if there’s any mold spots, holes, or some physical damage. Any irregularities you saw, you should solve as soon as possible. Except that it does not look aesthetically beautiful, mold and stains from moisture can expand and cause wood rot. But if already rotten, or it’s completely broken, change the entire part of the fence. In the case of minor damage, you can treat these parts with sandpaper and grinder to make them as good as new.

Don’t Forget the Metal Parts

A gate that creaks or rusty construction and nails can further ruin the aesthetics of your wooden fence. This squeaky can really bust your nerves so you must, at least once a month, put some oil on the hinges or rails if you have a sliding model of the gate. Screws can start to rot, but they can be easily replaced, one by one. To avoid this, you can buy specialized coatings for metal parts of the gates, which protect them from corrosion.

Take Care of Plants and Trees near Fence

A quickset or any other decorative bush can look very nice when it fits with a wooden fence. However, this is not the most practical solution if you want your wooden fencing to last for many years. Wood is soft and subject to bending. If the branches are wrapped around it, they can cut in and damage the stalls and pillars. Therefore, it is best not to put the plant near the fence. Additionally, if there are conifers near your fencing, dropping gum can damage it. Just cut off branches above the fence.

Nothing is eternal, especially if it is made of natural materials like wood. Proper maintenance can prolong the lifespan of your fence. But in about a decade or two, replacing it will be necessary, no matter how good you take care of it and adhere to the tips described.

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