7 Superb Tips to Save Your Home from Being Broken In


Incidences of housebreaking are increasing day by day and are never expected to reduce. In that case, every homeowner may naturally be worried about housebreaking.

Is there any way to protect your home from breaking in? Yes, fortunately there are. Here are a few.

1. Be Creative in Hiding Valuables

Yes, instead of being worried, you can be creative while hiding your valuables. For example, you can hide precious jewellery and documents in your children’s room.

The reason for this is that thieves tend to scour shelves and drawers in the master bedroom while skipping children’s room.

You just have to make sure to place these objects out of your child’s reach, e.g. on a high shelf.

2. Find a Right Spot to Install Security System

You may be fascinated to install an attractive glass door or large windows at your front entryway or it may be important according to feng shui.

However, it also facilitates burglars to take a glance inside your home.

Find such a spot for installing your security keypad that will not be visible from the doorstep. Thus, nobody will be able to see if you’ve set the alarm.

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3. Remove the Mail Slot

A mail slot is an easy way for burglars to break in. A mail slot tends to go against the wood grain, thereby damaging the door’s horizontal integrity and making it simpler to kick in.

Install the slot close to the bottom of the front door or get a mailbox instead.

4. Consider Adding Thorny Shrubs to Your Property

Can you think of plants as protective elements rather than decorative ones? But yes, they can protect your home from sly invaders.

Add more of thorny shrubs like bougainvillea, especially underneath the ground-floor windows. They will not only make your home look beautiful but will also make it almost impossible for burglars to reach the windows.

5. Be Careful about Bathroom Windows

Burglars may enter your home way before the actual burglary. They may come in as workmen.

If such a workman or any other unknown visitor uses your bathroom, he may unlock the window there so that he can use it to enter the home later.

Make sure you double-check the window lock once such an apparently innocent person leaves.

6. Be Smart While Choosing Your Locksmith

One of the best secrets that locksmiths know is that a double cylinder lock can stop break-ins. But dishonest and unlicensed locksmiths won’t tell you this.

This can result in problems or unreasonably high bill. So, always find a reliable, professional, licensed locksmith such as locksmith Sutherland Shire such as Locksmith Sydney.

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7. Request Your Neighbours to Keep an Eye

When you have to go on a vacation, the thought of leaving your house totally unattended can cause stress for you.

In that case, you can request your neighbours to keep an eye daily on flyers adhered to windows or front door.

Sneaky thieves are known to leave ads on doors and windows to see how long they remain there.

Also, you should stop mail and newspaper delivery during your vacation so that these things don’t pile up at your doorstep.

Follow these tips and save your home from being broken in.

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