Popular Styles of Lighting to Consider for Your Home


Lighting is an essential part of the home, not just for creating the right atmosphere, but also for ensuring you can navigate your home safely and have the right lighting available for specific tasks. Lighting stores in Melbourne can help bring your dream lighting plan to life while accentuating the aesthetics and design aspects of your home. This article will go over some essential lighting styles to consider.

Ambient Lighting

Lighting stores in Melbourne will have a few choices when it comes to ambient lighting. The most common styles of ambient lights are:


Downlights are any lights you see that are neatly recessed into the ceiling and cast a bright and narrow beam of light downwards. All downlights are round in shape, and you can usually find them in fluorescent or LED variants. Downlights are a highly versatile ambient lighting type and can be installed in practically any room. The illumination provided by downlights makes them a great option for task lighting in kitchens and bathrooms.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are another popular option for ambient lighting. A pendant light refers to any light that is suspended from the ceiling using some kind of cord or insulated material. They’re typically housed in a cage-like structure, and the materials and designs for these housings can vary. Paper shades and lamp shade coverings are typically the most common housing materials for pendant lights, but you may also see them housed in metal and in some rare instances even glass. Pendant lights are a perfect ambient lighting option for those looking to add a touch of understated elegance to their home at minimal cost.

Wall Lights

Most lighting stores in Melbourne will also have a healthy selection of wall lights in stock. A wall light (or sconce) is a light that’s fixed to a wall, with the wiring running directly through a wall cavity to the light. Although wall lights are primarily seen as decorative, they can provide some utility in the form of being an “always on” light to illuminate staircases and entrances for rooms at night. Typically, sconces are described as an old-fashioned or traditional lighting style, but wall lights have kept up with times and there are plenty of contemporary and stylish wall light designs available.

Outdoor Lights

Proper outdoor lighting is important for every home, but this is especially true if you regularly entertain guests or spend extended periods of time in your outdoor spaces. Outdoor lights require a higher standard of construction and materials than most regular lights. Some of the most popular styles of outdoor lights sold by lighting stores in Melbourne include:


Spotlights are lights that are usually placed in the garden and used to illuminate specific features of the outdoor space, such as statues, plants or outdoor architectural features. Spotlights can be configured for different brightness settings as well as the amount of surface area they cover. While spotlights are normally used as a feature light, they can also act as an added security measure, giving the appearance that someone is occupying the home at all times.


Floodlights are similar to spotlights as they also help to illuminate specific areas of an outdoor space. But this light is usually employed more as a security feature, with a sensor built into it that turns the light on when triggered by movement. Floodlights are a great addition to your home’s security system and can provide you with extra peace of mind.