The Essential Benefits of Installing Solar Street Lights


How would you feel every time you go home alone at night and then, you don’t even have lights on as you walk down the dark streets or alleys in your area? I guess, most ladies would shake in fear, especially when shadows are seen somewhere because you are not even aware if someone is out there, which means that it is dangerous to walk along the streets without a reliable source of light. Safety is very important here, so the people concerned must invest on electric or solar street lights for the resident’s peace of mind.

If you are going to consider installing lights all over the place, then you should be investing on a sun-based source of energy, since it is already a trend nowadays. You have all the options, anyway, but what will really take time is funding such particular request because sometimes, there are other issues that the people in-charged with such projects are just too busy. In my opinion, this is supposed to be a priority because it is not just about the safety of the residents, but also on improving the life of every community.

Street lights may just seem to look like an accessory for some people, but keep in mind that walking through a lighted path will show you that there is beauty in the neighborhood even when there is dark. A lot of cities are used to the usual street lights, where you need a direct power supply for it to function, but there are also places, using solar energy as its source. I guess, some of you are not yet aware about this, so you should the benefits of installing it and may be, you can suggest it in your neighborhood, too.

Saves Energy and Money, Reduced Pollution

If you are going to compare a traditional lighting with the solar, then you will realize, where you can save money and energy. Let’s say that with the installation, consider the materials that you will use and calculate how much will be spent.

Now, after a successful installation, it needs to turn on, using a power source. Obviously, it would be more expensive when the supply of electricity is needed for it to function well and it is even more costly when setting up lamps on remote areas, where commercial power supply is limited. With this source, there won’t be any power consumption.

You should be aware that we all need to convert things we use to be environment friendly. So by using this as a source of power, we are also protecting the environment, since it does not consume fuel, which means that we were able to reduce pollution. Go to for further reading on solar energy.

Ease of Installation

Since there are no layered cables to work on, you won’t be needing complex facilities. This also means that experts will be working without involving much labor to help. For example, you are not required to dig a foundation for cables, pipes and landfill.

With a solar-powered type of street light, you can install it independently without laying a cable as well as electrical equipment. I supposed, this is also a good way to cut the expenses, especially on the labor.

No Cable and Interdependency Weakness

With the conventional, cables connect each lamp on the post, which means that these are electrically connected and interdependent of each other. When one part encountered a problem, the rest of the lines will be affected. Therefore, this may affect the entire supply of power in the area and this usually happens in a traditional lighting, while it this problem will not occur when there is no dependent cable.

Remember that cables are not visible and available with this kind of lighting system, which means that there is no chance of theft, which is often a problem in remote areas of the state or country. Since this is not happening, power interruptions will be minimized because the supply is fine. Luckily, solar lighting systems will be able to help with the normal flow and supply of energy in the area because every lamp is not consuming it.

Control and Maintenance

The operations needed to control or run this lighting system is automated and programmed just like an AI system. This means that you do not really need to turn it on or off manually – go here to learn more about how it works. It won’t require labor and that actually makes it economical.

Once it was already installed and the expert is done setting it up, then it will start charging as long as it can get energy from the sun and this is what was used to make it work at night. If it stops functioning, then there might be a problem with the system, charging or bulb, which means that you have to replace the lamp, reprogram or repair, then it would be fine when it comes with warranty.

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